10 Happy and Easy Painting Ideas For Toddlers and Their Benefits

Easy Painting Ideas

Toddlers are at that age when they like to crawl, jump and explore their surroundings. Their minds are curious and ready to play. However, for new parents, this means that it will be hard to maintain a clean house while keeping your toddlers entertained. Therefore, we suggest engaging in activities to stimulate your child’s brains while having fun like painting. Here are some easy painting ideas for toddlers you can explore.

Easy Painting Ideas

Benefits of Painting for Toddler

Besides the aesthetic appeal, painting has a lot of benefits. It helps your toddler express their emotions better, while learning different motor skills like holding and drawing strokes. Furthermore, the different enhances the visual experience of your child even more.

Drippy Water Art

Easy Painting Ideas

Let’s start off with one of the easiest methods. All you need is a simple blank paper and water paint. Place the paper onto a plane surface and ask your toddler to drip water colors onto it. As you continue doing this, you will notice beautiful abstract art made by your toddler. You can frame it and keep it for future memories.

The best part of this method is you can continue doing this for as long as you want and it will still look like an art piece. Furthermore, you can alternate between different patterns and colors to create beautiful ensembles. As long as you keep a set of white paper at hand, your toddler will be coming up with many beautiful artworks.

Paint Egg Shells

Painting Ideas For Toddlers

This is an innovative and environmentally friendly painting idea you can do with your toddler. It’s a very easy painting idea. There are two ways to go about painting egg shells.
One, whenever you are cooking eggs, keep the shells for later use. So your toddler can paint them. Two, even before cracking the eggs, you can tell your toddlers to paint them like an Easter Egg. And you can even boil them so it is drop-proof.

Ask your toddler to paint the shell or draw patterns on it, they can make smiley or funny faces if they want. Then, you can save these eggshells as a keepsake.

Leaf Painting

Easy Painting Ideas

Just like eggshell painting, you can ask your toddler to paint on leaves for you or use the leaves as a stampede. You begin by dipping the leaf onto a tub of paint and stamping the leave over clothes or white paper. As you’ll see, this forms beautiful patterns that you can use for greeting cards.

It’s a fun experience for your toddler to experience. Furthermore, it is really simple and fun. Remember to keep a towel ready to wash your child’s hand as things can get messy really quick when it comes to paint.

Spray Painting

If you don’t have a spray bottle then you can use old bottles with a spray nozzle like a sanitizer bottle. Add paint and water into the bottle for you toddler to spray onto a blank canvas. You can make beautiful patterns like that of constellations in the sky.

We definitely recommend trying this out because of how simple yet perfect it looks. The designs and patterns are mesmerising to look at, and you and your toddler can use it for a background. Furthermore, you can draw over the background to create beautiful sceneries.

Finger Painting

Painting Ideas For Toddlers

Get ready because this is going to be messy. Let your toddler choose their favorite colors to paint with and dip their fingers into it. Place a blank canvas for them to paint on. This is a good exercise for their hands to enhance their motor skills.

Furthermore, you can dip their entire palm onto a paint and then stamp their handprint onto a canvas. You can cherish the size of their hands forever by making it into a frame!

Paint Dot Mural

Easy Painting Ideas

If painting with a brush is getting too hard for them then you can use a simple paint dot method to create beautiful and simple patterns. Even though it might look simple, it still creates eye-catching pieces for your toddler. Moreover, your toddler can alternate between colors for more visual representation. This can be a fun bonding activity for you as you can explain the emotions each color brings, like yellow means happy. Furthermore, explaining the colors of the things next to you can be an educational experience for your toddler.

Shell Painting

Easy Painting Ideas

If you have shells or live near the seaside then you can collect them with your toddler and paint them in the colors they like. You can give names to each shell with your child and play with them how you want. Consequently, it will be a fun activity as well as a storytelling exercise.

Watercolor Stickers

An innovative way to paint and create beautiful designs is to stick cut out pieces onto a piece of paper and coloring over them.

Here’s how you can do this. Cut out different shapes onto the tape and paste them over a blank canvas then paint over it any color of you choice. Wait for the paint to dry and then remove the tape. Your toddler will be amazed by the beautiful patterns on the canvas.

Pouring Watercolor

One of the easier methods, you can take a bottle and fill it up with paint colors. Then, your toddler can pour these colors over the paper and repeat until the desired design comes up. This is a simple yet entertaining method of painting.

Painting On Shapes

Painting Ideas For Toddlers

Cut out your paper into shapes that your toddler might like. For example, you can cut out the design of an apple, a tree or flower and paint over them with the colors of your choice. Later, you can even paste these shapes around your house for fun.

This is definitely a fresh take on painting and sticker making. Make sure to have fun with your toddler while doing these activities, which is the most important part about it.

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