18 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself For Pregnancy

Pregnancy signifies ephemeral felicity!
Pregnancy means new responsibilities, new priorities and a brand new phase of life. It is a special feeling- you’d want everything to be perfect and flawless. “I” becomes “we” because you have your little baby inside you. Two souls, one body.

There are few points to definitely comply during this major period. We have jotted down some very useful point:

1. Family Medical History:

Being well-aware about the family medical history of both the families is pivotal. Baby’s risk of getting diseases inherited can be minimized by taking precautions from beforehand and combating some, if possible.

2. Assessing your decision:

You and your spouse might want to conceive really bad, but the main question is whether you both are ready for it. A new member to the family means increased responsibility and obligation. Taking care of the baby won’t be an easy job to do. You both need to ensure financial, mental and physical stability before taking this life-changing decision.

3. Fitness:

Being physically fit is possible only with the right diet/balanced diet along with sufficing exercise. Your meal should consist of every important nutrient, vitamin, fiber, minerals especially Zinc, Vitamin-E, folic acid. This will help to fuel up your chances of conceiving.

4. Understanding how ovulation works during pregnancy:

Basal temperature, menstrual cycle, ovulation day and lifespan of sperms are some of the concepts you need to understand in order to be able to conceive faster.

5. Body mass:

The optimum weight can be achieved via Body Mass Index(BMI). The right BMI will keep labor pain, muscle pain, pelvic pain at arm’s length and also secure your baby from being over-weight.

6. Oral Health:

Gums are teeth need frequent checkups during this period since gums tend to become weaker and bleed, also teeth fall prey to various dental problems.

7. Exercise:

Regular exercise with not only help you stay active and fit but also boost your energy level. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean workout at a gym, it might be swimming, walking or yoga.

8. Mental Health:

Peace of mind and a healthy mind pre-requisite. Avoid negative conversations, engage yourself into positive and productive thoughts.

9. Lifestyle:

Lifestyle means how you lead/live your life. Try adopting a healthy lifestyle as far as possible. Inculcating good habits, worrying less, having adequate sleep, being happy, being selective about food should be added to your list.

10. Environment:

Staying amidst lush green environment and fresh air helps. Try staying away from chemicals, toxic substances, polluted areas. Drink only boiled/filtered water that is free from contamination.

11. Cut off alcohol, caffeine, and smoking:

These are some of the things you should definitely quit, immediately! They have ugly repercussion during delivery, may lead to miscarriage. Smoking directly is proportional to your conceivability. Alcohol consumption within a permissible level is okay. All this contaminates your blood, the blood that your baby will inherit!

12. Be careful about eating fish:

Though fish has essential omega-3 fatty acids, protein and nutrients it also is rich in deadly mercury. Tuna, sharks, Mackerel should be struck off the list.

13. Ante-natal check-up:

A regular check-up is integral. Get yourself an appointment with a trust-worthy doctor every week. Constant monitoring of your overall health is vital. It will also help to treat potential health concerns. The earlier you start, the better it is.

This journey isn’t going to be easy. It requires the equal participation of both the parents sticking together no matter what odd comes. Segregation of responsibility between both the partners will make it easier.

Most importantly, be confident and believe in yourself. You are a mommy-to-be, cherish this feeling. Don’t worry. Be confident, you’ll be able to make it work out. Feel free, talk to your family and friends or with someone who has knowledge about pregnancy.

Hope you get your good news soon!

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