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20+ Most Creative Toy Storage Ideas

Having kids is the happiest moment in one’s life unless and until one has to deal with those ‘n’ number of toys, scattered all around the house. Most of the parents find their house in a complete mess, most prominently because of their kid’s toys. Furthermore, it turns out to be more exhausting when the guests are arriving and one has to gather those scattered toys, to dump it in some corner. Keep these last moment cleaning routines aside by maintaining your kid’s toys with the help of these following toy storage ideas. Toy Storage Ideas - ABC of parenting

The top 20 Toy Storage Ideas are as follows

1. Stack Crates

Stack up some old crates or boxes of your newly bought television or microwave and lay them on their side in any of your room, so that they can act as open cubbies. They can be decorated to make them look more appealing as well as toys can be kept inside them or above them, which would make them look presentable.

Toy Storage Ideas

The mixture of different sizes of crates done by Regan Baker Design makes a playroom look more fun and ascetic.

2. Go For Bins

If you feel that it’s a tiresome work to keep the toys always presentable in an open space, then go for bins with a personalized name. You don’t have to always keep on arranging the toys to make them look neat and tidy, you can straightaway dump them in the bin and shut its lid. Storage bins are often large in size and decorative enough to go with the furniture.

Toy Storage Ideas

Designed by GWD Kids, the whimsical bin is both underrated and fun.

Toy Storage Ideas

Cute toy storage idea, handmade seagrass belly baskets designed by Bellybambino.

3. Secure Coat Hooks

Who said that coat hooks are only meant to hang coats, you can fit them in your child’s playroom and enable it to multifunction at the same time. Children can hang their clothes as well as their toys to the hooks, especially soft toys. You can add multiple hooks in the room to free up space, as these hooks require less space in comparison to bins or drawers.

Toy Storage Ideas
Nicole Franzen has made hooks as one of the best toy storage ideas.

4.Build Storage Benches

Build storage benches in your kid’s room for your kids to relax when tired and also would enable them to store their toys. Along with toys these storage benches can be used for storing clothes, shoes or other materials. This build-in storage benches can be proved to be useful for future use.

Toy Storage Ideas
This inspired decor idea by T A T I A N A designs can make your room look more stylish and also help to stuff things.

5. Store them in a closet

Having an extra closet room can never be a wrong option. Make the best use of your closet when your kids are young enough to not care about arranging their clothes in the closet. You can arrange their toys in a proper manner in the closet.

Toy Storage Ideas

Reid Rolls designs make up for a perfect closet for storage. And is indeed the best toy storage idea.

6. Floating Shelves

Make sure to use those awkward wall spaces by constructing floating shelves on them. Floating shelves by the bed can help kids to keep their books as well as their toys by their bed and use them while going to bed or after waking up.

Toy Storage Ideas
The Paper Party Company – Lisa show the best way to have floating shelves.

7. Utilize space under the bunks

Bunk beds are trending, especially if you have more than one kid. So in case you have bunk beds at your house, try to use the space under them by keeping your kid’s toys. Storing the toys under the bunk beds can cover up the empty space and also make it look more creative.

Toy Storage Ideas

Bernadine will make you want bunk beds more and more.

8. Get Modular Shelving

Get modular shelves at your house which can be used not only for keeping toys but also for placing many other items. It’s durable and multipurpose, also will blend in with the existing furniture at home.

Modular Shelving
TARA designs are one of the best which would go with your furniture.

9. Built-in shelves

Toy Storage Ideas

Utilize the empty wall spaces with the help of built-in shelves. Built-in shelves occupy less outer space and would store a number of toys. Thus, keeping the room cleaner and making it look more spacious.

10. Ladder Up

Make use of a ladder, smaller in size to be specific. A decorative ladder would make your room look more attractive and also would act as a storage place. Along with placing toys on it, a ladder can also be used to hang clothes or costumes.
Toy Storage Ideas

Kreg Tool Company made the ladder look cooler.

11. Designate a stuffed animal bin

To make sure that your kid’s stuffed toys aren’t scattered all over the house, create a stuffed animal or soft toys bin in which kids can stuff their soft toys when they’re not playing with it. A specific area for their stuffed toys would make kids place them back at their designated place.

Toy Storage Ideas
ME & DOTS DESIGNS has taken the best toy storage ideas to some other level.

12. Label Every Drawer

Toy Storage Ideas - ABC of parenting

Labeling drawers can make your kids more organized while keeping their toys back to their place. Also along with toys, drawers can be used to store clothes, books as well as other stuff like drawing paper or colors. Labeling them would make it easy for kids to find their belongings when needed.

13. Add a Pegboard

Pegboard aren’t just for hardware or crafts, you can hang one in your kid’s room and with the help of caddies store diapers, small toys and even other accessories in it. It would take much less space in your room and look presentable.

Toy Storage Ideas
Mummy makes has made pegboards look cooler.

Toy Storage Ideas

14. Rethink the Closet

Toy Storage Ideas

Every child loves to have certain hiding spots in their house. You can help them by creating one in their closet by keeping some extra space in it. Along with storing close in the closet, the extra space can be used to hide as well as to store toys.

15. Create a play table

If you’re planning to buy a new coffee table then don’t throw out the old one, renovate it creatively and use it as a play table. Play table can be used as a setup for kids during their toy race or a car race. Also, the space beneath the table can be used to store toys.

Toy Storage Ideas

Toy Storage Ideas
Great Little Trading Co has made play table a new buzz in the town.

16. Combine storage with play

To best way to make kids clean up their playing area and keep their toys back to their place is by combining their storage area of toys with their playing area. By constructing the storage area in such a way that kids can even play with it will make it look even more attractive and kids will keep it neat and tidy. This is one of the most simple toy storage ideas.

Toy Storage Ideas

For instance, a storage cum kitchen set would make more interested in picking up their toys and keeping them back at their designated place.

NEAT Method Philadelphia makes this combination as a must-have.

17. DIY a book bin

DIY book bin is not only easy to make but also functional. Kids can place their books after reading back to the bin, thus making the room appear less messed up.

Toy Storage Ideas

Beautiful eco-friendly storage bag designed by STEPHANIE ALEXANDRA HOME

18. Use the toy as storage

Make use of attractive and creative storages such as dollhouse-like storages which would urge kids to play with it and keep toys back to their designed place once they are done playing with it. There are so many fun options out there that can make even something ordinary (in this case, a shelving unit), into something exciting and inspiring.

Toy Storage Ideas

19. Repurpose old items

Toy Storage Ideas

For storing items you need something durable and strong. There is nothing more comfortable than reusing the old trunks after cleaning it and making it a bit more decorative.

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20. Have fun with color

Toy Storage Ideas

Use certain color combinations and attractive colors to make it more engaging for kids to play and store their toys. Colorful baskets, storages would look like decor and would encourage kids to keep their toys back energetically.

It has made the kid’s room brighter.

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