25+ Fun and Interactive Math Activities For Kids

Math activities for kids

Have you always been worried about how to teach your kids simple math? Has this thought always troubled you? most kids always find math to be tricky and difficult, hence parents get worried a lot about this subject particularly. But hey, we are here to put an end to your trouble.

We will show you some basic math activity to teach your kids about that. You don’t need a mathematician for doing that anymore. Just some simple tricks and activities and you are done. Your kids will love it, and they will learn through the process.

Math activities for kids

Let your children explore math through various hands-on and multi-sensory math activities. Children are highly active in their preschool and kindergarten years, and they can use their sense organs to explore and understand things around them. No matter in what age group your kid is, below mentioned are 25+ math activities that you can arrange for your kids. Have fun teaching them math with these activities.

Math activity for 3-year-old

1. Sorting And Counting Candy

Math activity

Children love playing with colors. Collect as many colorful candies as you can, and then invite your toddler to sort the candies based on the color. Let them put the candies in separate bowls and then make them count them.

2. Count it, glue it

This is a counting activity wherein children need to count objects such as beans, buttons, beads, or candies and paste them on pieces of paper. Make your children write the numbers one to ten on individual pieces of paper and then ask them to count the objects. Next, they should paste the objects onto the paper to match the number.

3. Measurement

Here’s an interesting activity for teaching your children the concept of measurement. Compare the length of objects by using a measuring tape. Guide your children on how to take the measurement, and then let them do it by themselves.

4. Compare them away

Gather some objects, such as fruits and toys, and ask your child to line them up from the smallest to the biggest object. This activity will help them compare the sizes of different things.

5. Graphing

Graphing is a simple and excellent activity for teaching toddlers how to categorize things. Take a chart paper and draw a bar graph with different bars for different categories such as fruits, animals, and vehicles. Now ask your child to categorize and place their toys in their respective bars. This is a fun-filled activity that can be used for grouping other items.

6. Making Numbers With Play dough

Math activities for kids

Play dough and math? Yes, it is a perfect match. Children like artwork, and this activity could unleash the artist in them.
Use the colorful dough to make the numerals and place them on your children’s hands or chart paper. Let them touch and feel the numbers.

7. Pattern With Gummy Bears

Math activities for kids

This activity involves sorting and placing the gummy bears by following a pattern. Use an AB pattern of two different colors or an ABC pattern of three different colors and keep the last place blank. Let the child figure out what color must be followed in the given pattern.

Math Activities For 4-year-old

1. Blending Lines

This activity encourages children to understand geometric shapes through visual models. Introduce your preschoolers to the concept of straight lines and curved lines. You need yarn, paint, and paper for this activity. Draw shapes on the paper and ask your child to dip the yarn in the paint and place it onto the paper to make shapes. Guide them on how to bend the yarns to get different shapes. Notice the number of bending lines for each geometric shape.

2. Count it

Collect some flat stones or stones in which you can manage to write some numbers. Paint them colorfully and write numbers on them. Take these stones outside and tell your kid to arrange the jumbled numbers in ascending order. This will fascinate them and they will learn at the same time.

3. Geome Tree

Teach your children about different shapes and patterns while making a geome tree. Cut a triangle and a small rectangle and paste them to form a tree. Now cut out circles, triangles, and squares to decorate it further.

4. Cap creativity

This activity will help you develop your child’s spatial reasoning skills and creativity. Take some construction paper, glue, glitter, and tissue paper. Make a triangle by cutting a sheet of paper, and explain to your child how this triangle can be folded to form a cone. Let them decorate the triangle as they want, fold it into a cone, fix it up using tape, and wear it as a birthday cap.

5. Roll and hit

This is an amazing activity where children can learn counting while playing. Take some plastic bottles and help your child arrange the bottles in a triangular shape. Now encourage your child to roll a ball and hit the bottles. Ask them to count the bottles that have fallen after every hit.

6. Dance it out

Children who love dancing will surely enjoy this activity. Place a few number mats on the floor. Now, write a simple equation on the screen or board and let them figure out the answer. Once they get the answer, they need to jump and put their feet on the correct number.

Math Activities For 5-year-old

1. Take 10

This is an easy-to-play and fun math card game that involves addition. Take a shuffled deck of cards, remove the face cards, and invite your child to stack the cards face down. Each player needs to choose five cards and make as many equations in which the sum equals ten.

2. Measure volume

Children love playing with water, and so, this measuring activity will be great fun for them. Take measuring cups, water, and a big jar. Ask them how many cups of water are required to fill the big jar, and let them explore the concept of measurement.

3. Grow taller

Explain to your child the concept of measurement with this activity. Make a height chart on cardboard and place it on the wall. Invite your child to decorate the chart with colors and stickers. Next, teach them how to read height and make them measure their height or the height of their stuffed animals.

4. Shape Walk

Shape walk can help improve your child’s shape recognition skills. For this activity, you need to draw shapes on a large piece of paper or the floor.
Observe the shapes with your child. Walk on the outline of the shapes and tell your child to follow you. While turning a corner on the shape, instruct your child on which side and how many times you are taking the turn.

5. Make A Salad

Practice counting while making delicious and yummy recipes in the kitchen. Prepare a salad with your children, and ask them to count the ingredients in the salad. For instance, make them count the number of cucumber pieces, tomatoes, peas, etc. Work their brains by asking them if they can make three pieces of lettuce from a single leaf and how many peas can fit inside a pea-pod. Also, help your children arrange the ingredients in a pattern.

6. Guessing game

Here’s another interesting counting activity for children. Bring a box of blocks, candies, or gummy bears and tell your children, “I wonder how many candies fit in this box.” Dump all the blocks from the box and start counting. You will notice that your children will find it thrilling when you make mistakes.

Math Activities For 6-year-old

1. Math Facts Garden

This is an amazing math game for grade-1 kids. To play this, they need to draw a big flower on the ground with ten numbered petals. Then, they will have to write a number in the middle to multiply, add, or subtract, and write the correct and respective answers on the petals.

2. Hit The Target And Graph

Let your children hit the target color. Next, create a graph and help them record their points. In this way, you can teach them counting and graphing.

3. Tell Time On A Giant Clock

Draw a giant clock on the ground, and ask your children to be the hour and minute hands. Call out a time and tell them to mark the time on the clock by standing in the correct position. This will be a fun activity for learning how to read a clock.

4. Measure Your Frog Jumps

This is a measurement activity in which your children will have to hop or jump like a frog or kangaroo. Once they jump, take a measuring tape or a ruler and tell them to measure the distance they have covered.

5. Run A Flashcard Race

Here is one more fantastic race activity for children. Place a series of flashcards onto the floor. These flashcards should have simple math problems written on them. Challenge your children to see how quickly they can make their way from start to finish by giving the correct answers. They can move only after giving the correct answer for each.

6. Roll dice

This is another excellent way to practice addition. For this activity, you need dice, paper, and a pencil. Ask your children to roll the dices and add the numbers. Make other players take their turn. Guide your children initially, and then let them take ownership of the game. You will notice the confidence in them while adding the numbers.

7. Recognize signs

Take your child on a sign hunt, and help them learn more about shapes by looking at the signboards. Take pictures of different signs you see outside, put them together in a sign book, and ask your child to identify them. This activity will help build their shape-recognition skills.

Written by Nirali Nayak

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