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5 Common Baby-Making Misconceptions

Whenever we are planning any pregnancy we tend to get a lot of advice from our family members and friends. They throw so many ideas of getting pregnant that we don’t even know which one is true and what to follow.
The main thing I have to tell you in this is don’t make this conceiving a technical process, like having sex only when you are ovulating and neglecting it even though you have the urge to do so. It is better that you take this process in a very easy manner and having a baby is a physiological process for human beings and not rocket science to stress on.
So, let us talk about 5 misconceptions most of us have regarding conceptions.

1. Excessive Sex will help.

Some couples have a tendency to think, the more frequency of coition you have the faster you will happen to conceive.
Although having sex frequently won’t create any issue with sperms anything in excess is not considered good as many believe, it too often can potentially cause a problem like if we are aiming for pure conception than having intercourse multiple times a day or even every single day will help you achieve nothing, sperm take at least 48-72 hours to reproduce again in the body and having coition again and again daily will not generate a good quality of sperms. That is why its good to have o alternate day basis and not daily.

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2. Problem is with the woman.

When a couple has a difficult time getting pregnant it is assumed by many people that something is physically wrong with the woman. Men are less likely to be infertile as they have an active life but it is the biggest myth, any of the partners can have issues when it comes to fertility. A woman will undergo many tests but men would be ignored so that is the thing which we should realize and both should go under investigation together so that the cause can be found.

3. Lack of knowledge regarding Ovulation.

Always tracing your ovulatory cycle can be a problem.
Theoretically, it is said that ovulation happens in 14 days after the first day of their period but cycle lengths vary and ovulation doesn’t always occur at the same time each month, not even every woman has the same cycle. Textbook talks about 28 days cycle and that is also happening rarely as every month the ovulation period differs according to activities of hormones.
Many women also think they have the tendency to point out ovulation because of symptoms. If you’re in tune with your body, you may have noticed that you have an increased white discharge and also experience momentary cramp.
Many women may also miss out on this so again this cannot be a main and only sign, it is good if you try an ovulation kit.
Sometimes having intercourse on the day of ovulation will also not help. It is good if you have intercourse in the period of it and not the day as,
after ovulation, the egg can be fertilized for only about 24 hours.
If you’re wrong about ovulation day then you’ll have to wait again for that one day which is not making sense. The best thing which you can do is start having coition every alternate day in the second and third week of the menstrual cycle this will help you a lot.

4. Use of lubricants.

We do have a tendency to use lubricants but how safe they are?
It is good if you give your thought again on lubrication. Nowadays there are many things in the markets which are filled with chemical lubricants, negatively affect sperm motility, did you know that? Making it harder for the sperm to reach the egg. If you need any sort of lubrication it is better if you make sure about the content and should not affect you fertile health.

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5. Only concentrating on pregnancy and taking the stress.

When couples are trying to conceive they concentrate on their reproductive health only and that is the sad part. They subconsciously start neglecting their overall health.
It becomes all about cervical ovulatory cycles, healthy spermatogenesis But, it’s good if you give importance and pay attention to your health in general because there are major things like weight, smoking, stress, alcohol and certain kind of medications which have an adverse effect fertility.

You can avoid these misconceptions and just have a talk with your doctor, your health care provider will guide you take individual steps which are related to your own body needs. He will tell you according to your age and menstrual cycle to take perfect measures which will help you in conceiving faster.

The best advice which is always given by the doctor to live a stress-free life and enjoy the process things will happen whenever meant to be.

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