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Simple Ways and Activities to Reduce Screen Time for Your Kids

How to Reduce Screen Time

Pandemic have affected everyone. From kid to an adult, it changed the way of living. Within these two years, we all have noticed a transition;online shopping,online classes, work from home,online payments, etc. We have to accept this fact that we are more dependent on our smartphones and laptop. Not to say, this is an era of the digital world. But we use it in a very controlled way otherwise it will become an alternative.

Activities to Reduce Screen Time

On a very serious note, this made a great impact on a kid’s upbringing. They built a habit of using electronic gadgets every now and then. It affected them both mentally and physically.

  • They play video games when they get some free time
  • Eat only while they are holding a phone.
  • And spend 4-5 hrs on the phone doing online classes.

But as a parent it’s your prime responsibility to supervise your kids. They need to be monitored and given proper guidance. And also ensure that they are not overusing or using the technology in a wrong way.

Smartphones and electronic gadgets are useful,if used correctly. Otherwise, it will badly affect kids and teenagers.
But there are some good activities in which you can engage your child to avoid or make less use of technology. These activities can reduce the screen time for kids. But before jumping on the activities, you must know the both good and bad effects of using phones.


  • Having expensive gadgets maintain your status.
  • Send important messages and documents within a minute
  • Access to video calls for office meetings from home.
  • Make memories by capturing photos.
  • Safely stores important files and documents.


  • Eye strain
  • Victim of obesity
  • Lazy and obsessed
  • Badly affects your mental peace.
  • Loss of learning ability

And it’s not just end here, there are a lot more effects. But we will move further with the most important point.

Here some activities to reduce screen time for kids.

Proper schedule

No doubt that the school classes are all online now and the kids have to spend 4-5 hrs with their smartphones or laptops. But ensure that apart from this, they don’t stick more to gadgets. Make a proper schedule of a day and follow it and also inculcate in your child to strictly follow the schedule.

Art & Craft

How to Reduce Screen Time

This is the best activity to reduce screen time for kids. Try to engage your child in making some new or unique things. Make them learn how to utilize waste and let them show their creativity. And also observe how they use it in different ways. Organize this activity every Sunday to spend their holiday in the most amazing way.

Reading stories

Kids and teenagers are in the habit of scrolling their smartphones before going to bed. Or else they watch videos while sleeping. This results in eye strain and that’s why most teenagers wear high power glasses while reading.
But there you can avoid this by dictating some good stories and poems to your kids while going to bed. Also Instruct them to listen carefully. Try to make it a more fun kind of activity.

Learning new Skills

Activities to Reduce Screen Time

Apart from schooling, encourage your child to show their skills. Many children have some interest or a hidden talent and you have to recognize it. Dance, singing, painting or playing Guitar,etc it can be one of these or other. As a parent you are the best tutor for your child. Let them spend time learning more of it.


How to Reduce Screen Time

Children love to eat different kinds of snacks. Cook healthy foods, make it taste to them and discuss the recipes with them. And another time let them bake food for you. This you can try in your leisure time and make it more fun and joyful.

Childhood memories

If you have your own album, show it to your child. Narrate some of your past stories to them and tell them how innocent or mischievous you were in your childhood. This is the best phase of life. Take their attention by capturing some photos and keep it as a memory.

Outdoor activities

How to Reduce Screen Time

It includes playing outdoor games or taking them to drive. Sometimes it feels boring for the kids to remain in the house for a long time. To avoid this, take them to a playground, play different games with them. Don’t say you don’t have time. You need to manage the time.
Otherwise your kid will spend more time playing video games and in result they will become lazy day-by-day and prone to more disease.

Science exhibition

How to Reduce Screen Time

Expose your child by attending exhibitions or going to museums or parks. This activity will reduce screen time for kids and also give them a good knowledge of nature and sciences.

Aside from this, performing these activities will also help in reducing screen time for kids and teenagers

  • Gardening
  • Household Chores
  • Spending time with friends
  • Completing assignments and projects on time.
  • Morning and evening walk

And mind you, these changes will take time. Be strict with your routine and make your child follow it regularly. Performing these activities on a daily basis will make your child habitual and automatically he/she will take no more interest in electronic gadgets.

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