Baby Dry Skin: Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Prevent

Baby Dry Skin: Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Prevent

Have you been noticing some issues with your baby’s skin these days? Are they hinting you for some kind of skin ailments? If your baby’s skin is becoming dry, rough and cracked patches these signs in your baby. Imagine all kind of irritation and pain that the baby must be going through.

Factors affecting:

  • Dry skin can be easily due to loss of skin moisture this can lead to cracking and peeling of the epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin.

Factors which affect the epidermis are:

  • Extreme cold and heat can drop relative humidity, making the skin lose moisture and dry out at an accelerated rate.
  • When babies are born with a whitish coating of vernix caseosa, medically.
  • Bathing the baby for too long can wash away the natural protective skin oils secreted by the sebaceous glands. Taking a bath in chemically-treated or chlorinated water can also damage and dry the skin.

Shampoo or soaps can be harsh on an infant’s skin, causing dryness. The substance which is coated and it also protect the infant’s skin when it was inside your tummy as a fetus.

Symptoms which you can be observant about.

  • Scales which would peel at the edges of the skin with roughness and scaly texture.
  • Dry patch which also does have flakes in it.
  • Cracks on the skin and even there are certain which would bleed once in a while
  • Overall skin appears tight and overstretched.
  • There is dry skin which can be easily spotted by parents and is a common condition which has certain symptoms and it is important for a medical suggestion.

Common skin diseases:

There is a certain set of skin disease which is very common in the pediatric age group.


It is an allergic skin condition characterized by rashes which have intensive itching mostly on the cheeks and forehead.

Pityriasis alba:

It is a type of inflammation of the skin that comes in sites like face, arms, and trunk. It shows characteristic dry and scaly lesions that may have reddish discoloration in time.


It is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system attacks healthy skin cells.

Seborrheic dermatitis or Cradle crap:

It happens on the baby’s head mainly. Cradle cap is mainly caused by the increased production of skin sebum (oil) because of which dead skin gets stuck.


The old skin cells do not fall off leading to a flaky, scale-like accumulation of dead skin throughout the body. The dead skin scales are extremely dry, flaky and it has a tendency to be peeled off when rubbed.

The common treatment you should be aware of.

So now you are aware of the variety of skin diseases on how it is caused a variety of conditions. Yes, the treatment is different and what common ointment is used let us discuss it?

Topical ointments:

  • Simply for diseases like eczema and psoriasis can provide relief and prevent dry skin, it also helps in treating cradle cap.
  • Such topical creams and ointments target as a moisturizer for treating dryness of skin.
  • A moisturizing lotion is prescribed by the doctor for daily use which is depending on the intensity of the infant’s dry skin, it is not medical you can use it on daily basis also for the better skin.

How To Prevent Dry Skin In Babies?

Prevention and management of dry skin are easy, and all you need to do is follow some simple steps and procedures.

  • Hygiene is the first and most important step to make sure you’re using a good detergent.
  • Use of a humidifier is very much needed.
  • Moisturizing lotions after bathing the baby
  • Select clothes made of natural fabrics especially recommended one are cotton as they are soft to the skin.
  • Harsh soaps and shampoos are a strict no-no for your little one.
  • Please cover your baby completely in winter.
  • Make sure you give your baby an appropriate level of hydration.

Please consult your doctor when dry skin is accompanied by any of harsh discoloration. There can be chances of bleeding from the cracked skin or Intense itching that makes the baby uncomfortable
Extreme cases or has yellow fluid oozing out on the dry skin patch there is swelling of the skin. Dry skin is accompanied by fever and colic.
These conditions are treatable and nothing is very serious and which could not be handled. Skin disease has an excellent scope, only if your baby has a congenital symptom which was at the time of birth it can of an issue. Rest relax mommy your baby is fine and needs a little bit of moisturizing.

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