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Baby Photography With Sketch Makeover – Unique Baby Photo Shoot Ideas


A simple photograph is overrated and too conventional. How about trying something that’s more than just a photo?
Something out of the box and super innovative. Adding doodles to the usual pictures of your baby is what we are talking about. Pour your imagination and creativity to add an artsy cute edge to the basic baby photos!

Here are 25 innovative baby photography ideas for babies with the help of a sketch:

1. Umbrella Art:

baby photoshoot ideas

Doodle some wafting strong wind surrounding your baby, worn-out umbrella and a drifting bag around your baby’s arm. This will give the impression of your baby fighting against a storm.

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2. Cycling:

baby photoshoot ideas

Illustrate your baby cycling his way through the green fields. Add a blue sky with little birdies swifting across to make it look even cooler.

3. Karaoke:

baby photoshoot ideas

baby photoshoot ideas

Got a yawning picture of your baby girl? Turn it into a karaoke picture with doodles. Sketch a microphone around her mouth and that’s it.

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4. Table Fan:

baby photoshoot ideas

Got a cute picture of your little tot with side profile? Wondering how to amp up the picture? Simply sketch a table fan exerting pressure with the blowing wind on your baby, you’ll love how it turns out.

5. Telephone:

baby photoshoot ideas

Got a picture of your baby with frowned eyebrows? Well, here’s an idea. Doodle a telephone with the cord spirally his body. This will make it look like your little boy is rebuking someone over the phone. Hilarious much?

6. Clock:

baby photoshoot ideas

Turn your baby and his favorite cuddling toy into the hands of the clock. Just draw a clock dial and that’s it.

7. Super Baby:

baby photoshoot ideas

Turn your baby into a superhero, doodle the classic Superman cap around his neck and the milk sipper on his waist.

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8. Skydiving:

baby photoshoot ideas

How about your baby transiting from the sky? Sketch a parachute and some aircraft, kites, birdies, and clouds juxtapose. Adventurous much?

9. Catching bugs:

baby photoshoot ideas

We call it-Baby at work. Create a fun sketch with your baby snatching bugs out of the air as he transcends up the tree.

10. Bubbles:

baby photoshoot ideas

Illustrate your baby blowing bubbles out of a bubble blower. Now, this is what we call creativity!

11. Grasping Reflex:

baby photoshoot ideas

This is a newborn must-do doodle. One of the most adorable gestures by the babies, they love holding our fingers. Here’s a doodle inspo for such a moment:

12. Scuba Diving:

baby photoshoot ideas

Give your baby an underwater experience with Scuba diving doodles. Diving mask and fins are a must!

13. Wizard:

baby photoshoot ideas

Turn your baby girl into a wizard! Draw a broomstick beneath your baby girl and give an illusion of her sitting on it and flying across the sky. Now, how cool is that?

14. DJ Baby:

baby photoshoot ideas

Your baby is a Disc Jockey and can definitely make people groove to his beats, here’s the proof:

15. Bike rider:

baby photoshoot ideas

Sketch your babysitting on a bike tracing the long stretch of road. Don’t forget the helmet, please!

16. At the gym:

baby photoshoot ideas

Illustrate your baby at the gym sweating it out.
Doodle a dumbbell for him to work out with.

17. Music:

baby photoshoot ideas

Got a picture of your baby in a hoodie? Sketch a pair of earphones and some music notes floating around him. Isn’t it uber cool?

18. Clothesline:

baby photoshoot ideas

This is probably the quirkiest doodle idea ever. Next time you catch your baby sleeping on the side, click here.
Doodle the snap by sketching a twine across his hands and draw some clothes hung by his side. Interesting, right?

19. Cowboy:

baby photoshoot ideas

Doodle idea- A cowboy from the ranch of Australia. Doodle some cowboy neck accessories such as bola tie and a red bandana.

20. Basketball player:

baby photoshoot ideas

Doodle your baby boy into a basketball star. Give the LeBron vibes.

21. Bath:

baby photoshoot ideas

We call it a digital bath. Doodle a bathtub, shower cap, and a loofah for the illustration.

22. Doctor:

baby photoshoot ideas

Turn your baby into your in-house medical practitioner! Sketch a stethoscope, an injection and a medico cap, and you’re done.

23. Astronaut:

baby photoshoot ideas

Sketch your baby dancing with the planets and stars. It’ll be a very cosmic picture indeed!

24. Weaving heart:

baby photoshoot ideas

Capture your baby girl’s calm face as she slowly slides into the sleeping mode. Jazz up the picture by doodling her weaving a heart.

25. Fearless:

baby photoshoot ideas

Got a picture of your baby vibrantly smiling? Turn it into a mythological fiction movie scene by sketching fantasy evil dragons. Let your baby conquer the evil!

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