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Child Spacing: Plan Best Age Gap Between Kids

Birth Spacing

Planning a second child after first is quite a big decision to maintain the certainty. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of child spacing. Every child wants to see an image of friend in their parents. Maintaining a proper age gap can help to make mutual understanding between children and there are so many advantages too.

Child Spacing

Benefits of one year age gap

  • You can pamper the child while sleeping, crying, bathing, etc. for second baby efficiently. Energy required for pampering two child is more but having 2 kids with 1 year age gap will help you to understand and how to nurture your second kid with less and managed time.
  • The elder one may be quickly or after sometime will start to manage with younger one. From the very beginning elder gains the habit of doing the things of its own.
  • The two kids may come close to each other. They can share the emotions, feelings and understand the things going on in their mind. Sometime they quarrel due to 1 year child spacing but inner feelings or love between them will remain the same.

Big challenges of one year age gap

Birth Spacing

  • Body needs rest for a while whether it is a male or female. Planning second soon means you are destroying your body’s immunity, body needs recovery too. Your calcium and iron levels may be unbalanced and can cause tiring, many diseases, etc. According to the expert maintaining at least 18 months of age gap is required for the second pregnancy.
  • The one year of child spacing between kids can be the biggest reason of exhaustion for a mother and father also due to pampering, less rest, breastfeeding, inappropriate sleep during night, etc.
  • Attention of parents divided among the children in younger age. May be the bond breaks or weakens between the parents and child.

Benefits of 2-years age gap

  • After two years of first pregnancy, your body is now ready for planning second baby. This is the perfect and healthier time to look for the future. Having this much gap for rest, makes your body enough to tolerate and think about another child.
  • As experts says that a minimum gap between pregnancies must be 18 months. It reduces the risks of health and hygiene of mother.
  • At this stage, you know all the things and care child needs from their parents. You can better treat your second baby after understanding the longings and needs from the first one.

Big challenges of 2-year age gap

Birth Spacing

  • As a toddler your elder child doesn’t like to share emotions, secrets or accompany with the younger one. They can be a rival for each other in young age or even in future.
  • The future planning for the other children after the first baby may be difficult like studies, attention and other requirements. The attention distributed among the kids which makes them frustrated and unhappy.
  • Jealousy is common due to the distribution of love and time. In this younger age, they can be chaotic and build anxiety and disharmony.

Benefits of 3-year age gap other requirements

  • The complication reduces in this gap of rest. A three year of child spacing for second pregnancy can be ideal thought and the labor risk is the lowest.
  • It is an easy task to handle a three years old baby. The baby can entertain itself and also able to do small things like eating and drinking the soft stuffs.
  • Risk for you and your kids during pregnancy is very less. A baby after three years of first pregnancy would be a great decision for healthy body and brain to handle everything like a piece of cake.

Big challenges of 3-year age gap

Birth Spacing

  • In this age, you may feel difficulty to pamper both the babies together. The elder one is not that much capable of doing the things and take care of himself.
  • During the time of new born baby, the elder seems to be very happy until and unless he gets all the attention as it was before arrival of second kid. Jealousy and subtle is the common thing between any of two children can cause very serious problems like hitting with something hard object.
  • The birth of baby is a new change for the elder child to adjust which can take him to the high level of aggression. These things may sometime leads to a big disaster that can cause to change his personality and behavior from the young age.

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