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Conceiving is Boring? Here are Some Activities You can Try As A Couple.

Tired of some activities which has technicalities of your ovarian cycle and how to maintain it? Here is a certain list of activities you can try with your partner so that you both can indulge in some love and romantic way of having fun rather than making this just another boring phase of your life.

1. Adrenaline Rush.

We agree that it is important to have healthy food during this course of time but why not give yourself a good scoop of ice cream and indulge in some love for yourself.
Take some time and make some sweet or spic things which your heart craves for so that you can have a good adrenaline rush for yourself.

2. The way of Sex should be Improved.

When baby-making becomes more of a work than an act of conception. The main problem is, many lubricants can potentially affect the survival of sperm during intercourse.
You can try some good fertility-friendly lubes that are available in the market. This will help in lubrication and you can always try and experiment with different ways of intercourse so that it increases your chance of conceiving.

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3. Try going to spas regularly.

It can increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, possibly improving your fertility. Try having a massage at home or in a spa and make your body healthy with blood circulation. You can also try giving massages to each other so that it improves a good release of your happy hormones.
Individually you can also do a rubdown session daily with your abdomen and thighs involved daily to improve blood circulation in that area.

4. Connection as a Couple.

Having intercourse with your partner once per hat too just for sake of it every month, that is not really healthy to get pregnant and is not good for your relationship.
It should be fun, spontaneous and relaxing and not a stress factor in your life.
Make spontaneous plans date night for one evening. Just try to make things better and relax go out for a stroll and talk it out and communicate with your partner and make a good healthy bond.

5. Vitamin- D is for some strong Bones.

Vitamin D is essential to have not only a good overall health of your bones but good reproductive functioning in both women and men. A good exposure to the sun in early morning makes Vitamin D, vitamin D found that exposure to the sun also has a connection to healthy levels of testosterone in both sexes.
Why not start sun basking together in early sun rays so that you start your healthy life together and boost your relationship and bone health. It is an easy and best way to start building up your bones and health.

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6. Indulge in Some High Fertility Diet.

We know you are paying some good attention to your diet but why not include some food which boosts your chance of fertility. Get food like fertility-boosting oysters, which have good content in zinc, a mineral that helps boost sperm quality for your partner.

7. It is only about you.

So, it is time to take some individual moments with yourself. Take some time out and meditate, have some good self-analyzing session with oneself.
Note your activities, maintain your thought diary and learn some accept and forgiveness exercises to burst out your stress.
These calming sessions mean a lot to improve one’s quality of living and conceiving becomes fun.

8. Start some calm and soothing music and decorate your home with some love and candles.

It is good to make your space a clean, clear, clutter-free space so that your thoughts be as clear and spacious as the space you stay in. especially when you spend your time in your room with your partner and have relations with him it is good if you try and make that space a beautiful part of your room so that your mind also absorbs the calmness.
Go out for dinner, start some romantic music all you need is some tender love and care for your yourself. Make it a fun time for you both and not just a work of convenience, enjoy this as the best phase of your life.

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