Healthy Effects Of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

Making a list of do’s and don’ts to consume during pregnancy, coconut oil is surely listed first in the DO column! Let’s read more about the same.

Table of contents :

  1. Healthy effects of coconut oil during pregnancy.
  2. How much safe coconut oil during pregnancy?
  3. Different uses of coconut oil.
  4. Coconut oil and breast milk.

   1. Healthy effects of coconut oil during pregnancy.

Let’s look at the following points to know how coconut oil is healthy for to-be-mothers and the little one, of course.


Fat intake is really important for the growth of the baby. Contrary to popular belief, it is not harmful to the body. We need to be concerned with the types of fats we eat. We need a certain amount of saturated fats to produce cholesterol. We cannot have a proper hormonal balance without adequate amounts of saturated fats. We cannot conceive a child or have a healthy pregnancy without proper hormonal balance.


After breast milk, coconut oil is the second best source of lauric acid and an easy way to help strengthen both yours and your baby’s immune system. It also helps to stimulate milk production during breastfeeding. So, drinking a small amount each day when breastfeeding will mean that the goodness of the lauric acid will be directly passed to your baby through your milk.


Coconut oil works as a great substitute for dairy products and makes it a healthy and safe product during pregnancy.


It acts as an immune booster as it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Extra virgin coconut oil may help reduce morning sickness by balancing off blood sugars.


Rubbing coconut oil on your pregnant belly may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks since it works as a natural moisturizer. (You can also apply it to dry nipples during breastfeeding, and it’s not harmful if baby suckles with coconut oil applied.)


Coconut oil daily acts as a natural laxative and helps to curb constipation during pregnancy.

  1. How much safe coconut oil during pregnancy?

Pure virgin oil is safe to use during pregnancy as offers the nutritional benefits of MCFAs and the immune strengthening properties of the lauric acid. Coconut oil helps develop the immune system of the newborn as well as aid in the brain and bone development. Intake of coconut oil while pregnant may help ensure that a mother will have lots of milk. Studies have proven that milk in breastfeeding mothers who takes coconut oil and other coconut products has the higher amount of lauric acid and is a natural and effortless way to help strengthen your and your baby’s immune system. So is coconut oil safe to use during pregnancy? The answer is a loud YES.

  1. Different uses of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil during Pregnancy

The different forms in which you can use coconut oil during pregnancy are :

  • The traditional use :

Raw coconut oil can be consumed as a refreshing drink, as it does a cleansing effect in the body and is extremely safe for the child as well as the to-be-mothers. It helps to regulate water levels, increases immunity and is easy to consume, without any special form of preparation required for the same.

  • Cook a stir-fry :

Use coconut oil in a hot pan to sauté your favorite veggies and proteins. The oil has a high tolerance to heat, so it is one of the best oils for frying and cooking.

  • Use as a spread :

Mix with raw chocolate powder and make your own chocolate spread, eat with fruit.

  • Use coconut cream in place of milk :

Coconut cream is a great substitute for dairy. It can be added to cream bases, tea, coffee, etc.

  • Skin friendly :

Coconut oil is so moisturizing; it deeply penetrates into the skin rather than just sitting on the skin’s surface like many other lotions do, all without leaving you feeling all greasy or slimy. Many women’s skin may even be itchy throughout pregnancy as it stretches and the protective barrier that coconut oil leaves on your skin will not only keep it moisturized but keeps away environmental and other damage.

  • Treats frizzy hair during pregnancy :

For some women, pregnancy brings unwanted frizzy hair along with it and this is another way that using coconut oil during pregnancy can help! If you smooth coconut oil on your hair, it will keep the frizz far away!

  • Coconut cream tropical smoothie :

Who doesn’t love a fresh share of smoothie in their diet? Coconut oil can be consumed in smoothies, as it is safe for the mother as well as the little one.

  1. Coconut oil and breast milk.

Use coconut oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as part of a healthy nutrient dense whole food diet. Coconut oil supplies rich amounts of saturated fat with high amounts of lauric acid. Not only will your body benefit, but your baby will receive the same benefits. The saturated fat content helps you to build-up adequate fat stores in pregnancy and in preparation for breastfeeding. Fat stores are vital to maintaining adequate energy and proper body function for both pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy and lactation, your baby is going to get vital nutrients and calories from your body, what is left is used by your body. This is why a healthy diet is vital to caring for not only your health but the health of your child.

Lauric acid found in coconut oil and breast milk has been found to have antiviral, antibacterial and kills parasites properties that support proper immune function. This may help to protect your and your baby’s health during pregnancy.

Apart from this, all of the above-mentioned benefits prove that coconut oil has a healthy and safe effect on both, the mommy and the baby! What are your views on using coconut oil? Do share your thoughts and experiences below.

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