What Should be the Ideal Water Intake During Pregnancy?

Water is important to everyone. There can never be a perfect substitute for water. A human body is made up of 75 percent of water, that is, is composed of ¾ of water. So you know what a great impact it can have on our body. Feeling thirsty, dry skin, less urine, dry lips are some of the dominant cues for the replenishment of the lost water.

Pregnant mothers, more specifically, need to consume water daily, enough for their mental and physical performance. Many pregnant women fall prey to dehydration during their pregnancy.

Dehydration is the imbalance between the water in the body and the necessary salts(electrolytes) in our body. Dehydration means not drinking enough water to keep oneself hydrated. Dehydration occurs when we lose too much water from our body without compensating it. Drinking enough water is important during pregnancy since it helps to increase the amniotic fluid- a protective fluid around the baby. Amniotic fluid is a yellowish liquid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy.

Avoiding drinking water just to avoid bathroom trips is not a nice idea. Remember: More than you, your child needs it.

How much water is enough?- Ideal water intake during pregnancy:

  1.  8 to 12 glasses per day are mandatory during pregnancy. Drinking 2.3 liters of water, that is 300ml extra than the normal intake is suggested.
  2. Drinking boiled water is safer since it is free from contaminations like bacteria and viruses. This will help to prevent water-borne diseases.
  3. Carry Water Bottle where ever you go. Don’t deprive yourself of water when you are busy outside. Make it your companion.
  4. Set Alarms in case you are absent-minded: You might be busy at the office or doing household choirs and forget to drink water. Thus, setting alarms in your phone will keep on reminding you about it. No comprise, ladies!
  5. Add honey or cardamom or sugar for a change: In case you get bored of drinking water, again and again, try adding some sugar or honey or cardamom to give some flavor to the boring taste.
  6. Warm water: Warm water/lukewarm water is a great remedy for cold, cough and stimulates blood circulation in the body.
  7. Other liquids: Milk, juices of various fruits and vegetables and other liquids are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Apart from water, the intake of these liquids is also essential every day.

How does it help?

Helps to reduce constipation:

Water controls constipation by acting as an aid in clearing the dirt and impurities from the digestive system and makes it function normally.

Deals with Dizziness:

Feeling dizzy is common during this period, water comes to the rescue!

Refuels Amniotic acid:

Amniotic fluid, a protective fluid around the baby. Amniotic fluid is a yellowish liquid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. Due to the loss of water in your body, it’s shield might weaken. Water consumption helps to regain it back.

Regulates body temperature:

Water stabilizes the body temperature since has the power of absorbing and transferring heat. When we sweat, it helps in evaporating the sweat from our body and makes us feel cool.

Prevents Labour Pain:

Labour pain can be prevented by taking steps from beforehand, by drinking sufficient water a day and energizing our muscles and bones.

Combats Nausea:

Nausea or feeling of vomiting is common amongst pregnant mommies. Drinking water is highly recommended to feel fresh and kick off nausea.

Takes care of your skin:

Drinking water will prevent chapped lips, dry and itchy skin as a result of dehydration.

Causes of Dehydration:


Too much of physical activities or hot climate lead to heavy sweating/perspiration.


A prolonged loss of water from your body during diarrhea leads to drainage of excess water from your body and hence spelling dehydration.


The high sugar level in the blood that is diabetes can also lead to dehydration.

Dehydration has deadly repercussions. Some of them are as follows:

Urine Infection:

Urine infection happens when the impurities or dirt or contaminations are released from the body at regular intervals. A bacterium found in digestive system infects the urethra and it leads to a urine infection.

Kidney Shut Down:

When the amount of regular fluid requirement in the body falls below the permissible limit, the kidney stops working that is, it shuts do. This is called kidney failure.

Sunken Eyes:

Eyes tend to sink when dehydration takes over you. In order to avoid puffy eyes, just keep on drinking water.

Yellow urine:

Due to lesser water intake, your urine volume will fall at the same time the color will be hues of yellow.

Hope it was informative and convinced you how water can be your ultimate savior during pregnancy. HAPPY PREGNANCY!

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