How To Burp A Baby After Feeding

How To Burp A Baby After Feeding

Burping is an important part of the kid’s dietary regime especially when he is feeding so it is a good way to tell that the baby’s food has been digested properly. A burp from your baby gives you a good assurance that our little one is having a proper feed. A burp is actually physiological part is actually released of gas bubbles from the esophagus through the mouth. Burps bring out the gas out and there is a tendency they may also get the milk out of the baby’s feed they are called wet burps. The part of letting out of that gas is so important that one of the main things your pediatrician teaches you in the hospital is how to make a baby burp. But burping though our part of life and not an easy task to accomplish.

How To Burp A Baby After Feeding

So, when it is formula milk or mother’s milk babies swallow air bubbles while feeding. This gassy nature generally gets inside the tummy causing crankiness and spitting up and gassiness in the baby. Gulping could indicate that the baby is swallowing air along with milk.
Burping helps release this trapped gas and enables the baby to settle down and have a tendency to feed longer. Burp your baby after a feed or in between the feeding sessions. Some babies burp a lot while some others have a tendency to do. There is a tendency to burp the baby whenever he needs it or seems uncomfortable when you switch between the breasts.

If you hear excessive gulping have little breaks and interruption with the feed and give a burp. Burp your baby more frequently if they have a tendency to feel gassy. If your baby is having irritation during the night and not getting proper sleep but not interested in taking a feed tendency to have gas colic, making him burp will help him.

Bottle-fed babies tend to have a tendency to suck in a lot of air. The milk flows faster from a bottle than the mother’s breasts, that is why it might have an effect on the baby. On the contrary, breastfed babies usually suckle slowly, taking enough time to swallow. Babies feeding on the mother’s milk do not have to burp as often as bottle-fed babies.

Burping isn’t an easy task. If you are also feeling the same, then you have not tried the different methods yet. It should be comfortable and effective for both you and your little one. Try one of the burping methods given below:

1. Take the baby on the Shoulder.

How To Burp A Baby After Feeding

Make the baby sit straight and hold the baby against your shoulder. Let their chin come on your shoulder your shoulder. Support your baby’s shoulders and head with one hand and use the other one to rub him on the back. This will help him relieving him of the trapped air bubbles. Hold your baby up on your shoulder so that the tummy is gently pressed. Support him with one hand and pat rub the back with the other. The position suits well for the baby with head and neck control.

2. Different Burp Position Which We Can Try

How To Burp A Baby After Feeding

Make your baby sit on your lap so that they are facing away from you. Support your baby’s chest with your palm and fingers to hold chin and jaw in a mild manner. Slightly lean the baby in the forward direction and rub or pat his back with another hand.

3. Make the baby look at the ground

How To Burp A Baby After Feeding

Put your baby on your legs with their head facing down and cross knees, at a right angle to your body. Use one hand to have good support on the baby’s chin and jaw. Keep the head slightly higher than the remaining body to avoid blood rushing to his head. Pat or gently rub the baby’s back with another hand.

Here few directions You can Follow so that it helps in Ease Burp routine.

  • Make your baby sit in a proper upright position during feeds.
  • Feeding your baby using a bottle which has a smaller hole. These bottles are made in a way to prevent the babies from getting air swallowed.
  • Burp the little one when he turns six months old at least make it part of their routine. He would learn to eventually suck without swallowing so much air like adults do and thus outgrow the need for a burp.
  • If the baby does not burp then it means he is not ready or may have filled his stomach it is very much okay there is no point on getting anxious there.
  • If he seems uneasy keep burping or changes the position to a different method. Changing the burping positions helps move gas bubbles
  • If your baby is having any sort of upset even after burping the problem may not be the trapped wind but something else.
  • And in cases vomiting and sense of colic then it is good to have an immediate medical intervention.

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