How To Get Rid Of Recurrent Oral Thrush In Babies?

oral thrush in babies - causes and treatment

Thrush is commonly also called Candidiasis which is a fungal infection caused by a fungus. Oral Thrush in babies can happen at various sites which are common in the oral region. The fungus usually affects the oral cavity which includes the lips, inner cheeks, tongue and initial area of the throat. On the skin it can affect the skin especially near the genitals and in the folds of thighs and the bottom where it is warm and moist, causing diaper rash which is also called candida diaper rash.

Normally it is between mother and the kid in which there is a passage of oral thrush in babies is caused and in that way, it becomes important for a mother to take more hygiene measures.

The fungus eventually increases to different parts of the body, such as the mouth and gastrointestinal tract and continues to thrive with good bacteria found within the body. Usually, it is the yeast that does not cause any sort of harm but can spread into many areas of the body causing our little one to get irritated easily. It is very common with the immune system going low in the body.

Causes of Fungal infection

Let us talk about two major conditions that make the baby prone to thrush.

  • Babies on antibiotics
  • Mother on antibiotics.

These are the two important causes that boil down to one, the increase in antibiotics consumption makes our body weak and the body is not able to fight the immune system. Kids already have a low immune system so it is anyway difficult for them to go through it.

oral thrush in babies - causes and treatment 1

What makes the immune system compromised?

These are the examples where the immune system is already at risk and in these cases the chances of having thrush are high.

  • Preterm infants.
  • Immune system diseases
  • A diabetic baby which is congenital.
  • Cancer.
  • Mother suffering from congenital issues.

Symptoms of oral thrush in babies:

  • White to yellowish-white patches inside the oral cavity on various sites like tongue, lips, inner cheeks, palate.
  • Causes soreness in the mouth, causing irritation with the feeding of the baby
  • Redness around the lips.
  • Irritation of the kid and feels al fussy, the appetite goes low and even liquid irritates.

Signs and Symptoms Of Thrush In Babies

Thrush is diagnosed easily on a clinical basis, with the above signs and symptoms.

After diagnosis, the doctor will suggest treatment however it is required. If you are watching these symptoms in your baby it is definitely advisable that you take your baby to a general health care provider and he will take the measures accordingly.

  • The treatment depends on your baby’s age and type of thrush and how much it has spread.
  • Mostly an antifungal treatment would be started with dropper medicine.
  • This would be infant friendly and it will take 3-10 days for the thrush to cure completely. Recurrence is possible.

The health care provider is taking the care of the baby and likewise, you also need to take some measures like.

Here is how to care for and manage the baby’s thrush at home:

  • Breastfeed for no more than 20 minutes each time
  • Try using a spoon to feed rather than regular suckling which can painful.
  • Liquid food will help better than solid.
  • Limit pacifier usage
  • It is good if you do not use pacifier much during this time as it will definitely cause more irritation, sterilization anyway does not give 100% germ relief.

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If thrush not treated at the right time it can cause up to various issues.

  • Candida esophagitis.
  • Candida sepsis
  • Spreading all over the body.

These complications happen in a very rare stage because an observant mother will take care of it before needed.

Prevention is better than cure.

Preventing oral thrush in babies is about avoiding the thrush which is increases the fungus to spread all over the skin. Here is what you need to do to keep the fungal infection at bay.

  • Keep baby away from those with thrush
  • Treatment of thrush is the mother is vital
  • Use antibiotics only if necessary.
  • Sterilize pacifiers and bottle nipples.
  • Fungal infections happen when the baby has compromised immunity, with fungal infection rising.
  • Homeopathy has shown an effective cure in curing infections as well as plays a good role in building immunity.

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