How to Use A Manual Breast Pump and Which One to Buy

how to use a manual breast pump

Breastfeeding is a regular activity and it cannot be overlooked but nowadays times are little hectic and that may not be practical as you have other responsibilities also or you may have to join back in work.

Need For A Breast Pump.

how to use a manual breast pump

The baby is not able to breastfeed directly or has medical complications in this case and are not able to breastfeed due to so many other reasons also. If the baby is born premature or not able to latch on to the breast. You might not be able to handle the household and baby together and do not have the chance to breastfeed for so many times in a day. So, these can be several reasons for choosing a breast pump.
Let us discuss basic manual breast pump which can consist of the following parts like, breast shield, a cone-shaped cup is meant for fitting over the nipple and acts as a shield for the nipple. The next important thing is a pump and the component that creates a vacuum to extract the milk from the nipple. The pump can be attached in two ways which are directly attached to the breast shield or through a plastic tube. The next important thing is a container which can collect the extracted milk which can be a plastic container.

Types Of Breast Pumps.

So these pumps are divided into three varied types based on their usage and how it would be comfortable for certain users. Though manual breast pumps become very good and more preferable but do not underestimate battery and electric ones they have their own advantages.

  • Manual breast pumps.
  • Battery-powered breast pumps.
  • Electric Breast Pumps.

Manual breast pumps are further classified into two more types. Which are single and double pumping

1. Single pumping:

Single pumping type devices can be used to extract milk from one breast at a time. Manual and most of the battery-powered pumps are single pumping.

2. Double pumping:

Double pumping type devices are designed which are able to extract milk from both breasts at the same time.

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Best Manual Breast Pumps which are popular in the market for their efficiency.

1. Medela Harmony manual breast pump

Medela Harmony manual breast pump

Though it is plastic it is a BPA free.

What does it have?

The device’s main feature is, it is durable and easy to assemble and can help you maintain hygiene as it is easy to clean. Easy to carry for traveling and pumping is available.

2. Lansinoh manual breast pump

Lansinoh manual breast pump

A Lansinoh breast pump is suitable for certain occasional pumping.

What does it have?

The pump is easy to assemble and the container is removable with two sizes. There is minimal sound which is less irritant to the baby. Milk is expressed easily which reduces hand fatigue.


3. Evenflo Manual Breast Pump

Evenflo manual breast pumpEvenflo manual breast pump

Evenflo has an easy-to-use and basic design. The pump is BPA and phthalate free.

What does it have?

Easy to use and compact and most important travel-friendly.


4. Philips Avent manual breast pump

Philips Avent manual breast pump

Philips is one of the trusted brands. Philips Avent’s manual breast pump has gained more trust.

What does it have?

The device is compact and lightweight and portable.
The parts are also compact with the electric pump variant of Philips Avent.


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Keep in mind a few things while buying a breast pump.

You can think about these things whenever considering buying a breast pump.

  • How much you are going to use the pump.
  • Duration of each pumping session and how comfortable you are with the instructions on the manual pump.
  • Place of use and travel portability.
  • Breast shields of the pump and how much suction of the pumps is needed during each session.
  • Every pump has certain instructions and it does make difference to read the instruction and decide as you should be comfortable with it.
  • Read through the entire instruction manual even if you have used a breast pump before.
  • Ensure you wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly before using the pump. Make a habit of washing your breasts before pumping, if you have been using any ointment on them. A clean and comfortable place where you can do the feeding in peace.

Keep yourself calm and always be relaxed during the pumping sessions. Pump as long as it feels comfortable and also helpful to you. Also, ensure you wash all the breast pump parts such as the container and don’t forget the breast shield after each use.
Breast pumps are the best alternative to breastfeeding because breast milk is the best food your baby can get in the first year. But use the pumps only when breastfeeding is not possible or if you have to stay away from your baby for a long time.

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