Pros and Cons Of Using Baby Pacifier

Pros and Cons Of Using Baby Pacifier

The reason pacifiers were introduced in this baby care regime as it is very much popular and doubtful apparatus used by our little one. Parents use it in calming down their babies. The pacifies is commonly known as dummy as it resembles a breast sucking part which helps in satisfying the natural sucking reflex of the baby and help in soothing the infant.

Pacifiers have many other benefits too which we have not given a thought.

  • Mainly, it becomes essential to introduce pacifiers at the right age and make sure that the baby gives outgrow of the habit also.
  • Pacifier also called teether has it helps during the time of teething also soothing gum irritation, to explain the shape it is a small, nipple-shaped accessory that is put in the baby’s mouth to pacify the teething him.
  • Babies have a natural sucking reflex it comes to them unconsciously and it helps to suckle from the breast.
  • A pacifier resembles a nipple a baby can be calmed and made to feel secure and that is why the baby takes to reason that babies take to pacifiers immediately.
  • Premature babies have poor sucking reflex due to incomplete physical development. It is been proved that sucking using a pacifier, helps a preterm infant improve the sucking reflex which is vital for breastfeeding.

Advantages Of A Pacifier:

  • The sucking reflex brings a sense of security and soothes the baby.
  • Parents can try pacifiers to control the repeated bouts of colic in a baby. There are times when the baby is just feeling irritated and no solution works. Pacifiers could relieve the fussiness by working as a distraction and relief.
  • The pacifier is known to alleviate pain in babies undergoing any kind of procedures such as lumbar puncture or going through the vaccination process. It is not known how a pacifier helps but it is believed that the stimulation of sucking reflex relieves pain. For this reason, it is recommended that babies be given a pacifier before any invasive medical procedure is conducted.
  • Parents already face issues while traveling by air with their baby as certain changes in air pressure during flight makes the little one’s ears go into an abnormal sensation.
    The irritating sensation makes babies uncomfortable eventually causing a continuous crying. A pacifier is helpful in keeping the infant’s mouth engaged with the sucking reflex which helps in handling the air pressure in the ear.

Pacifier For Baby

Do you know about? Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS is the which is sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby. This can happen anytime and babies are more prone to it in sleep as the baby may suffocate when in an incorrect sleeping position. Use of a pacifier reduces the chances of SIDS as it helps open airways wider and helps in breathing issue in the infant way better.

Disadvantages Of Pacifiers:

  • If we talk according to psychology, a pacifier early can lead to confusion of nipple where the infant is confused between the nipple of a breast and pacifier.
  • If a newborn constantly uses pacifier he would not suckle the breast nipple properly. Babies who are introduced to a pacifier early are breastfed less frequently by their mothers.
  • Long-term pacifier usage can have an adverse effect on the baby’s dental health. Those who use pacifiers beyond the age of four years display adverse effects like misalignment of permanent teeth.
  • Hygiene can be a serious issue. Unclean pacifiers can transfer bacteria from the mouth to the middle ear, leading to an ear disease called otitis media.

Pacifiers have their share of detrimental effects, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

You can give the baby a pacifier since you have now known that pacifiers have several benefits and side effects. It good if your baby should be at least be one month old before you introduce him to a pacifier. By one month it is time which breastfeeding is established and a pacifier will not interfere with the process.

Baby has a certain tendency which they use as a breast as a pacifier then perhaps they need more time with which sucking reflex to soothe the irritation in gum which is very much during the teething time. Pacifiers make a good choice to the breast for soothing as an alternative. The baby won’t take a pacifier then it would be okay. If there is a certain resistance then perhaps it is better to give a pacifier for some time. It is finally your decision whether or not to give a pacifier to your baby.

Precautions You Need To Take With Pacifier:

  • Pacifiers have high risk in interfering in dental and ear health, there are other ways where it is better to not give your baby a pacifier.
  • In case you are having trouble with breastfeeding even after the first month of your baby birth then pacifiers are not a good choice as there as chances that baby might get accustomed to it.
  • Pacifiers are also not a good option for babies that are not able to gain weight due to breastfeeding problems
  • Some babies with a congenital defect like cleft lip or cleft palate may not take to pacifiers well. Paediatrician also does not recommend against the use of pacifiers for babies that have anomalies in a face or gone under surgery.

With the ease of introduction of pacifier there comes the responsibility of discontinuing it, which can be a little tedious job.

  • Babies give up pacifiers on their own between two and four years of age, they outgrow the habit but you have to curb down your anxiety related it.
  • Babies break the habit pressure which Is also because they are old enough to handle the gum irritation with themselves without pacifiers. Pacifiers are less habit-forming than thumb-sucking.
  • A baby will be able to quit the use of pacifier depending on baby’s attachment problems.
  • Some infants are hard to be separated from their pacifiers. And in those cases, be calm and curb down your anxiety it can be handled. With some simple measures

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