Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy- Do’s and Don’ts

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Have you entered the blissful journey of motherhood? It’s a blessing being a mother; although it may feel it’s difficult right now just remember it will all be worth it when you are holding your little bundle of joy. During your pregnancy, you will probably face many changes and it might feel overwhelming, but remind yourself that this is better for the child. You will have to improvise, adapt, and overcome these difficulties. There are many changes in your body, in your mental health. These thoughts and actions affect the baby. In this list, we are going to discuss the best sleeping positions during pregnancy and the dos and don’ts. So let’s get started.


In the first trimester of your pregnancy, you are free to sleep in any posture you are comfortable with. These are the early stages and you can sleep on your back, stomach or any way you like, no restrictions here, you have some freedom enjoy. The science behind it is that your uterus hasn’t grown much yet, and your sleeping posture won’t have adverse effects on the baby now.

You should start changing your sleeping positions from the second trimester and continue them for the rest of your pregnancy. Your stomach is growing rapidly in this stage. It is not advisable for pregnant women to sleep on their backs and stomachs as it will affect your baby. Sleeping on your back for long periods can seriously affect your back muscles and can increase the chances of stillbirth. The same goes for sleeping on your stomach. You need to apply the SOS rule i.e. the sleep on side rule.

Traditionally speaking it was advisable to only sleep on the left side as it improves the blood circulation and expels the toxins easily through the kidneys but the recent scientific researches prove that sleeping on the right side is not so bad as it is assumed to be. In fact, sleeping on the right side has its own benefits. Your growing stomach can give a little bit of discomfort so many pregnant women find comfort in sleeping on the right side. There are many special pillows available in the market can for pregnant women that they can use for extra comfort.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Several pregnant women face hip pain during their second and third trimester; these special pillows can be useful to reduce the pain when kept between the knees. You may find yourself sleeping in the positions that unadvised during pregnancy, but don’t get worried, you can correct the posture and be careful the next time. As they say, precaution is better than cure


The sleeping posture during pregnancy can have drastic effects on the child. While you may follow a healthy diet, exercise, and avoid a stressful lifestyle it is also important to keep the sleeping posture in check. Pregnant women should never have an uneven sleeping schedule. You should have a healthy amount of sleep, a minimum of 8 hours. Try sleeping around the same time every night this can help you develop a biological clock that will automatically make your sleeping schedule better. A pregnant woman should also drink frequent water throughout the day to make the functions of your kidneys easy.

If a pregnant lady sleeps on her back and stomach it can cause some serious damage to the blood circulation of both the mother and the child. This can increase the chances of stillbirth up to an enormous 80% Scientific researches is done to prove this fact and the results are shocking.

Sleeping on your sides can reduce the pressure on your abdomen, easing the functions of internal organs. Low blood pressure and unhealthy blood circulation can drastically increase the chances of stillbirth. Your baby needs space to breathe so sleeping on your stomach is a big n no. Wrong sleeping products can negatively impact your productivity and your health. A night of bad sleep will cause you fatigue and extreme tiredness, rest is an essential aspect of pregnancy. Bad sleeping posture hinders the growth of your baby, in some cases, it develops pre-eclampsia and stillbirth.

Remember you shouldn’t worry about yourselves during your pregnancy. Keep a positive mindset and take precautions. We wish you all the best for the journey

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Written by Mitali Joshi

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