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Pregnancy Test Online Free – Find Out In 2 Minutes

Pregnancy Test Online Free

Our pregnancy quiz helps you find out whether you are pregnant or not in just two minutes. Take the Pregnancy Test Online Free quiz right now for a quick check just by answering simple questions about the early pregnancy symptoms that you might be facing. Go on and take the test.

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    What type of contraception do you use?

    • Contraceptive implant (Nexaplanon), Intrauterine system (IUS) or Intrauterine device (IUD)
    • Oral contraceptive pill
    • Barrier method e.g. condoms
    • Other ( Like Pull out method)
    • None
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    When you are expecting your next period?

    • In 2 weeks or more
    • Within a week
    • It’s already few days late
    • I’m more than a week late
    • Don’t get regular periods/ Not sure of next date
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    Did you notice any of these changes to your breasts?

    • Nipples look a bit darker than normal
    • They feel really tender/sore
    • They are now a little more sensitive
    • No, Everything looks normal
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    Are you urinating more than usual?

    • Feel like my bladder is full all day
    • Visit the toilet frequently throughout the day and night
    • Yes, It’s a bit more than normal
    • No. It’s usual for me
  • Question of

    How are your energy levels?

    • Feeling exhausted all day
    • Feel tired in afternoons and evenings
    • Feel sleepy sometimes
    • I feel normal
  • Question of

    Are you feeling sick recently?

    • Feeling sick a lot!
    • Feeling sick sometimes
    • Little uncomfortable sometimes
    • No. Not at all
  • Question of

    How is your mood these days?

    • Having crazy mood swings
    • Feel little grumpy and getting irritated
    • Feel a little moody
    • No, I am pretty much normal
  • Question of

    Are you having food swings or changes to your appetite?

    • Feels like eating everything
    • Smell of specific foods increase my craving
    • Strong smell or taste of some things irritate me
    • No, I feel normal

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