5 Things To Avoid If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Things To Avoid If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

It is good if you take some precautionary measures in if you are planning to conceive, these are 5 habits or things which you will need to avoid if you are trying to get pregnant.

1. Smoking:

Smoking is not good for an adult leave kids, and while conceiving your body can show adverse effects. Smokers especially chronic smokers have a tendency to suffer from infertility and have difficulty while conceiving than those who don’t smoke.
In cases of smoking in either of the partner infertility, in man it gives low sperm count as well as with mothers a baby with abnormalities can happen.

2. Excessive Caffeine:

Caffeine is another element which you need to work on in terms of conceiving. A cup of coffee a day is okay but having a large amount of caffeine on daily basis will lead to delay in pregnancy and also issues with pregnancy also in a later run.

3. Say no to Alcohol:

Alcohol in the body can cause irregular periods, lack of ovulation, and abnormal estrogen and progesterone levels which are the hormones regulating our menstrual cycle and responsible for a pregnancy. So it is a good decision to leave alcohol if you starting to plan a family it even has effects on pregnancy bringing abnormalities to a baby.

4. Stress:

Stress in any state is harmful whether for an adult or pregnant female. But do you know a stress can also give you delay in conception? This can be a common factor which we don’t give attention to. So its better if you avoid taking the stress.

5. Junk Diet:

Food which is not healthy and nutritive will not help you at all to grow well so in conception time you give special attention to your eating habits. Having a good diet means good health which attracts a healthy baby. In diet pay attention to certain key ingredients like zinc, folic acid, and vitamin C that help produce a strong and good count of sperm.

There are certain things which you can do to increase your chances of pregnancy also.

1. Consultation with your doctor.

It is better whenever you start to plan a family to take advice from your doctor. Now there is a certain reason why:

  • They will educate you and correct your myths regarding conception.
  • Understanding the cycles will be there.
  • Relaxing your anxiety and giving you advice.
  • It is good if you take advice from your health care provider so that they bring you on the right track so that you don’t waste time and it will conceive early.

2. Ovulation is the main key:

  • It is the main thing about pregnancy and if you know about your ovulatory cycle then it becomes very easy for you to understand about your individual fertilization process.
  • You ovulate every menstrual cycle for once. It is best to have coition during that time. So, if your cycle is of proper 28 days then you will ovulate from 10th to 17th day of your cycle approximately and that becomes your fertile window, having regular coition at that time is the best to conceive faster.
  • If you’re not sure when your fertile period will be then you can have coition every alternate day of your fertile window period which can be 2nd or 3rd week of your cycle. Make sure you have intercourse every alternate day and not daily because it takes at least two days for healthy sperm to generate in the male body.

Baby conceiving process is a beautiful process and would be out of love and willingness and not a technical thing to do. So, enjoy the time you are having with your partner as you are giving birth to new life.

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