Top 10 Tips For a Memorable Maternity Shoot

Maternity Photoshoot is trending these days. Maternity Photoshoot acts as a souvenir. It lets you preserve all the incredible moments of your pregnancy forever. It marks the beginning of a brand new stage of life.
Don’t shy away from showing your belly or ensuring just because you’ve gained a few pounds.
Women tend to become self-conscious about the way they look and try to avoid the camera. Instead of doing that why not embrace your pregnant body? Why not store the memories of this tiny human forming inside you? Why not celebrate these much solicited moments?

Here’s how you can rock the maternity photo shoot:

1. Outfit Selection:

Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos


  1.  Outfits that overlines your baby bump is in! Make sure whatever you wear, don’t forget to show off the pregnant curves because the whole purpose of the shoot is to capture that bump, right?
  2. Wear outfits like maxi dresses, dungarees that complement your pregnant body. Loose clothing is definitely a big NO! It will veil the whole bump. Also, keep in mind that comfort comes first.
  3. Colour co-ordinate with the rest of the members of the family as it will add an aesthetic edge to the pictures.
  4. Choose more than one outfit so that you can experiment with your looks and click as many pictures as you want!

2. Not only a solo job:

Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos

Maternity photoshoot isn’t only for the mommy and baby but also for the whole family. Make sure that your baby’s siblings, daddy, grandma, grandpa, your pet, everybody’s a part of it. Make everyone strike a pose with your baby bump!

3. Click Candids more:

Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos

It’s about capturing the raw moments. Clicking candids mean clicking people at their true self. It adds meaning to the photoshoot. Having fun at the shoot is the most important part. It will help the photographer click you and your baby bump at your best. Be carefree, smile, flaunt that gorgeous bump of yours.

4. Makeup and Hair:

Try to stay natural as far as possible. Nude makeup would be perfect for the occasion. Shades of peach, plum, baby-pink would look great. Kohled eyes will add an oomph factor to the look. Keep the makeup minimal. The camera is going to capture your emotions first then your makeup.
Let your hair open and careless. Let it get blown by the breeze. It’ll be flawless!

5. Location:

Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos

A location must be convenient for you to travel. A shoot can be held indoors, at your house or the studio or outdoors amidst greenery and azure sky. The location would vary based on the kind of photo that is to be captured.

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6. Perfect Time to conduct the shoot:

Schedule the shoot when you’re around 30th week pregnant or during the 2nd trimester. It’s the best time for you to conduct the shoot since your belly will be at it’s the best shape around that time. The bump will be huge and the face won’t be much swollen.

7. Pose to Strike:

Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos

Have a conversation with the photographer regarding the poses. The photographer will know your best angles and will suggest you poses according to the background and situation.
Try to add artistic elements to the picture.
Using Props like tiara, smiley, balloons will help to adorn the picture further.
You can pose as per your wish and spontaneity.

8. Some of the trendy ideas are:

  1. Belly Profile
  2. Silhouette
  3. Upper view
  4. Front view
  5. Touching belly
Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos

Compatibility with the photographer: In order to get every shot perfect it’s better to hire someone you’ve known before and share a considerable comfort level. Being awkward and uncomfortable with the photographer reflects in your pictures too and you might end up losing your best shots. Find a photographer around whom you can be yourself and feel free. Get to know about the photographer so that you start to share a comfort zone with him/her.

9. Camera:

It’s all about capturing the moments doesn’t really matter if that’s done with a professional camera or a cell phone camera. Click selfies with your baby bump and share with people instantly. These memories are for yourselves so that they stay with us forever.

10. Showcase the lovely relationship between you and your spouse:

Maternity Shoot Photos
Maternity Shoot Photos

Pictures speak volume. Portray the beautiful relationship between you two. Don’t forget to get clicked with you spouse exclusively.

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