Top 14 Fun Ways To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

So the good news has finally arrived and you’re a mommy-to-be now. But you haven’t told your hubby that you’re pregnant yet. You both have been waiting for this day to come and you just don’t want to make it a boring revelation? Wondering how to make this revelation to your husband exciting and fun? We have some crazy ideas for you to make this announcement!

Here we go:

1. Tees:

Get customized t-shirts for you and your partner. Leave your husband’s tee inside the wardrobe. And everything will fall into its place. He’ll eventually get to know about it when he opens the wardrobe to pick a tee.

2. Cake:

You can make the announcement with a cake or his favorite dessert, maybe apple pie! That would be a sweet revelation, indeed.

3. Pets to help:

Dress up your kitty or doggo in a graphic tee announcing the good news, so that when he’s going to cuddle the pet he’ll get the good news right that moment.

4. Revelation with coffee:

Get a newly customized coffee mug that has, say, “Daddy-to-be” written on it so that he gets the good news while sipping his coffee.

5. Gift him a manual:

Gift him a manual because he’s gonna be a dad soon. Before that he needs to do some homework, right?

6. Pregnancy test:

Put the pregnancy test kit somewhere like a bookshelf or closet. You don’t even have to say it, the pregnancy kit will do the talking for you!

7. Buying clothes and shoes for your little one:

This is the best way to tell him that you are about to conceive. Go for a shopping with him and buy stuff for your baby. And when he asks you to tell him about it!

8. Message inside his diary:

A handwritten message conveying your pregnancy can make it super romantic and cute. Put the letter in his diary and let him know.

9. Kid’s plate on the table:

While serving the dinner or lunch add another little plate to the table. He will definitely find it cute.

10. Plan a small house party:

Conduct a party at your place and call some of your loved ones. Make it an absolute surprise for your husband. Use props with hints of pregnancy, let the theme of the party be ‘baby’ and make everyone hold placards indicating your pregnancy.

11. Cards:

Make a cute artsy card which reads-“Hello Daddy, am on my way”. And when he gets surprised, smile at him pointing at your belly.

12. Slideshow:

Make a video or powerpoint presentation regarding how you both met and how it all began and end it with a note about your pregnancy.

13. Ultrasound pictures:

You can use the ultrasound pictures to tell him about your pregnancy. This is the simplest way to reveal your pregnancy in case you can’t think of something creative.

14. Text:

This might sound stupid but is really fun. Just simply text him! Send him a picture of your ultrasound report or a picture of a baby saying “Hey Papa”. He’ll definitely go crazy.


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