Understand Your Baby’s Body Language With These 5 Tips

Do you ever wonder what’s going on inside that beautiful mind of your baby? Deciphering all that’s going inside your little one’s heart and a head is kind of a magical mystery ride, isn’t it? A lot can be fathomed from a baby’s body language. All it takes is a keen observation. A baby’s body language speaks volume even though the baby can’t. We have jotted down some of the very common body languages and gestures that’ll help you crack the code.

Deep Digging:

1. Kicking Legs:

It’s evident that your baby is happy and having fun. That’s how your baby is portraying enthusiasm. Most often babies kick their legs when they’re bathing or having fun while playing. Also, kicking helps in the development of muscles.

2. Back Arching:

That’s the gesture they make when their seeking comfort. It’s a reflux. Probably your little one is in pain or discomfort. You can help her out by making her comfortable and relax. Avoid stressful feeding in case you notice bouts of crying.

3. Headbanging:

Ever caught you baby headbanging like a Rockstar? Well, that doesn’t mean she’s having fun. It’s because she’s in pain and wants to ease the pain by self-comforting. Pay a visit to a pediatrician in case you notice it quite often.

4. Ear grabbing:

This can have two explanation either you’re baby is feeling joyful or maybe there’s wax blocked inside her ears. If your muffin smiles while grabbing her ears then you’ve nothing to worry about but if your baby cries while grabbing her ears it’s time for you to take note. In order to prevent any ear infection, it’s better if you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

5. Clenched fists:

You’ll find newborns clenching their fists probably all the time. Wondering why is it so? Well, the answer is because of Palmar Grasp reflex. It is natural and will continue until the baby is 6 months.
Clenched fists mean maybe your baby is hungry and tensed that’s why she’s clenching her fists.

Congratulations to you have mastered the language of the infants! Do let us know in the comment section below if it was helpful.

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